Canon has issued a service notice advising users of counterfeit Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II DSLR lenses that ‘fraudulently display the Canon logo’ and company trademarks. Canon became aware of these counterfeit lenses after customers began bringing them into company service centers seeking repairs.

Canon Japan has identified that 18% of people have unknowingly purchased a counterfeit good in 2013, and that more specifically for photographers, many 50mm f/1.8 II lenses are fake.


Their technicians at international service counters have often noted many of the models sent in for repairs aren’t real, and well, since the real thing isn’t built to a tremendously high standard, it can be hard to tell if your own copy is real or fake.

They are sharing however, one pretty obvious tip. They’ve discovered that counterfeit Canon lenses lack a space between the words “CANON” and “INC” on the plastic lens mount on the back of a lens. If you remove the rear dust cap and check that out, genuine copies read “CANON INC”.