As each year comes to an end, there is the hope for a new year.

What will you do different in your photography next year? What will you start doing, and what will you stop doing?

It is the start of 2017 and the perfect time to take a few resolutions to improve your photography. Listed here are a few things that you can follow in 2017 and start seeing a change in your pictures in just a few months and you will love it.

1. 365 Projects

A 365 project is an important commitment that will make an immediate and lasting impact in your photography. While the idea of daily photography sounds deceptively simple, such a project will push and stretch you, and your photography. Read more here on how you can start a successful 365 project.


2. Learn a new type of photography

With the rise and fall in the popularity of some creative photography techniques, learn a completely new photography technique.


3. Think less about traveling and taking photos; rather, photograph closer to home.

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4. Print your photos

When you print a photo and hold it in your hands, you start to notice details that maybe you didn’t on your computer or phone screen

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5. Start your own photography blog

A photography blog can be a great way to show off your favorite photos as well as providing explanatory content for people following your blog. Any photographer looking to break into the business or simply hoping for viewers should consider getting a blog, which gives people a place to find your work and easily and gives you incentive to practice taking new pictures constantly.

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6. Teach a photography workshop

Photography workshops are how many people learn photography techniques or even the business of photography. If you are a professional photographer, these workshops are also a great way to meet new people and get your name out there. But, before you jump in to teaching a photography workshop, you need to ensure that you are prepared to work with the public, and you need the proper space. This makes you serious for your photography and brings a sense of responsibility and this is a good thing and of course an additional source of income. Don’t forget to prepare yourself before you take one.



A Very Happy New Year


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If you have any other photography resolution ideas for the New Year, share in the comments below.